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Viral Infections

Treating Viral Infections of the Skin

What do cold sores, shingles and warts have in common? They are all skin lesions caused by a virus. The herpes simplex virus causes cold sores. A virus called varicella-zoster (the same virus that causes chickenpox) causes shingles in adults; and the human papillomavirus is responsible for warts. All three viruses result in skin lesions that are often visible while out in public. They can be embarrassing and painful, making social interactions difficult.

Viral skin infections are very personal and require an individualized treatment approach. The goal at Wasatch Dermatology is to understand your needs, and to create a plan of care that works for you. Dr. Maughan and her team know that highly visible skin infections impact not only your skin but also your personal well-being.

Managing and treating viral skin infections in Ogden, Utah

Cold sores occur on the lips (not inside the mouth). Common warts are usually found on the feet and hands. The shingles virus often follows the nerve path to the skin and is seen around one side of the waist, on the forehead or around one eye.

Treatment focuses on resolving the skin lesions, managing the pain and preventing the spread of the virus in social situations. Anti-viral medications are used when treating shingles. Warts are commonly managed with topical agents and freezing techniques. Antiviral creams and medications are often used to treat cold sores. Vaccines are also available to help prevent viral flare-ups.

With viral infections, early intervention is important. Dr. Maughan offers advanced, customized treatment options, which can help you quickly manage the viral outbreak. This helps to minimize the viral episode and the life of the lesion(s), lessen the pain, prevent scarring and get you back to optimal skin health as quickly as possible. The team at Wasatch Dermatology is your partner in skin care. They are credentialed, compassionate and experienced in providing treatment for viral skin infections.

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