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Your skin is more than just your largest and most exposed organ. It is vital to how you look and how you feel about yourself. It also has the potential to be affected by a large number of skin problems and disorders, from minor annoyances to serious health threats such as skin cancer and melanoma. That’s why you and your family need expert skin care in Ogden that is advanced, comprehensive in its scope, and focused on what will be best, most appropriate and most effective for each individual.

The compassionate, committed care Ogden has trusted over 30 years.

Maughan, Dr. 7214BLicensed Hi Res.At Wasatch Dermatology in Ogden, Utah, Dr. Julie Maughan and her team  provide a different kind of skin care, one that is backed by credentials and experience and, most importantly, comes from the heart.

Following a more-than-30-year family tradition of excellence in dermatology, Dr. Maughan built Wasatch Dermatology around a commitment to providing not just the highest standard of skin care but also the most individualized attention and the very best patient experience.

Having grown up in her father’s Ogden dermatology practice and then spending several years as one of its board-certified dermatologists, Dr. Maughan brings to your skin care a tried-and-true recipe for excellent treatment… and outcomes.

Pursuing your optimal skin health with experience and skill.

First and foremost, our recipe for top-quality skin care starts with remembering that everything we do is centered around taking care of people. We never forget that we are here to help others, real people like you — and like us — not just disorders and diseases that affect the skin, hair and nails. This means we’re dedicated to treating you like family, catering to your individual needs and being as thorough as possible in pursuit of outstanding treatment results.

In addition to leading with compassion and commitment, Dr. Maughan and her team treat the full range of skin, hair, scalp and nail disorders with board-certified expertise and the experience trusted by thousands in and around Weber County.

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