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Hyaluronic acid and other types of wrinkle fillers are the treatment of choice to restore and rejuvenate facial wrinkles, furrows and static lines as well as volume loss caused by chronic sun damage and aging. The goal is to soften wrinkles that can create a “tired” appearance and make the skin look more vital.

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In comparison to men, women have different areas of the face that respond best to facial fillers. Areas of a woman’s face that benefit the most from wrinkle filler are the lines around the mouth, cheeks, and between the eyebrows.

We know that you have very active lifestyles and busy schedules. Hyaluronic acid and other soft tissue fillers used at Dana Point Dermatology require no skin test, thus one does not need two appointments prior to treatment. Because women’s skin is thinner than men’s, more delicate fillers are required to achieve the desired result.

There are many anatomical and functional differences in the facial structure between women and men that should be recognized before treatment with wrinkle filler. Understanding the nuances of female anatomy is critical in achieving a superior aesthetic result. For example, projected cheek bones that are high on the face are considered a feminine feature.

Dana Point Dermatology’s clinicians aim to produce subtle correction and rejuvenation of the signs of aging, not an artificial result. In order to accomplish this, the unique characteristics of the female face need to be tailored to each individual treatment goal. Attention to balance and symmetry leads to consistent and natural results that doesn’t look like one “had work done”.