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The goal of a non-surgical hair loss treatment plan for women is twofold: halting the progression of hair loss while regrowing hair. Dr. Goerig, an expert in the non-surgical treatment of women’s hair loss, uses a combination of cutting edge technology with tried-and-true therapies that consistently exceed his client’s expectations. Some of the treatments he uses include:

• Platelet rich plasma (PRP): A “growth factor cocktail” made of your own blood cells that preserves and enhances hair follicle viability and stimulates stem cells to grow and produce hair.
• Medicinal and homeopathic systemic therapy: Similar in mechanism to oral contraceptive pills, these medications tweak the hormones that causes hair loss in many women.
• Microneedling: A process used to mimic the body’s natural healing mechanism to reinvigorate dormant hair follicles.
• Prescription only topical hair growth formulations: Compounded specifically by Dr. Goerig and an advanced team of pharmacists, these topical medications increase hair density while minimizing side effects.
• Advanced mesotherapy: A technique used to inject pharmaceutical and homeopathic medications as well as vitamins into the scalp. This procedure complements the other hair loss procedures by bathing the hair follicles in potent stimulants of hair growth, while minimizing exposure to other areas of the body.

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