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Women react in a variety of ways when they begin to lose their hair. Many women go through a phase of denial, some think that the loss of hair equals the loss of youth, while in others the sign of thinning hair may lead to fear and desperation. In terms of functioning in life, some women worry about how attractive they may look to men, whether they will get a job promotion, or if they will be accepted in certain social environments.

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Fortunately, hair restoration surgery in women can be a helpful treatment for hair loss. However, many women are not candidates for surgery as the pattern of hair loss and diffuse nature of it preclude an optimal result. Nonetheless, some women can benefit from hair transplantation, but this is the exception rather than the rule.

At Dana Point Dermatology, Dr. Goerig utilizes the latest techniques to create natural hair lines for women who are suitable candidates (typically only 5% of women with hair loss meet the strict requirements of Dr. Goerig’s evaluation). However, this procedure must always be combined with non-surgical procedures as the hair transplantation itself does not prevent ongoing hair loss. At Dana Point Dermatology, Dr. Goerig performs a procedure called follicular unit grafting by the microscopically magnified technique, currently the gold standard in hair restoration surgery, to produce a natural and undetectable transplant. Follicular unit grafting uses high-powered magnification to produce one, two and three haired grafts that are transplanted to thinning areas. This meticulous method consistently results in an undetectable hairline.

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The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and does not require heavy sedation or general anesthesia. In general, the transplant is very well tolerated by most women and usually requires very little pain medication. The transplant session takes, on average, 6-8 hours over a single day.