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Meet the team


For men who want to live their best life, Dana Point Dermatology is the ultimate center for aesthetic dermatology. Dana Point Dermatology provides full service, minimally-invasive aesthetic procedures and hair transplantation for performance-driven men who see life as a continuous opportunity for enhancing their appearance and maximizing their own potential.

Established in 2012, Dana Point Dermatology is the first and only dermatology and aesthetic medicine center devoted exclusively to men. Dana Point Dermatology was formed to offer aesthetic male clients a credentialed alternative to the franchised “medi spas” opening without a core dermatologist on staff. We are a professional company that is service and outcome oriented, not a discounter. Dana Point Dermatology was created for the active and busy man who wants greater control over his skin health and physical appearance. We give men the tools they need to make their lives better.

As skin care experts, we offer only non and minimally invasive procedures as alternatives to surgery. This obviates the need for general anesthesia and affords you less downtime and surgical scarring. Our procedures and skin care products are proven therapies based on extensive research from the latest medical literature that will help your skin look less visibly wrinkled, less blemished, and tighter.

Dana Point Dermatology is well-rounded in the sense that we focus on aesthetics for men, yet are backed-up by legitimate dermatologic expertise. We have the highest standards of care and use only tried and true procedures, not gimmickry or gadgetry, to deliver consistent results that optimize your cutaneous (skin) health. Clinicians at Dana Point Dermatology obtain the highest level of excellence in their given profession. We take a scientific approach to everything we do and use procedures and products that alter the epidermal and dermal histology of the skin—helping you look better in the process.

Founded by a dermatologist published in the most prestigious medical journals, Dana Point Dermatology is the first dermatology center for men in the world. Our expertise has positioned Dana Point Dermatology as an authority in men’s dermatology, effectively reaching a performance-driven client by enhancing his appearance in a way he needs to make his life better. In addition to our unsurpassed quality, Dana Point Dermatology’s flexible hours are convenient even with a working man’s busy schedule.

Dana Point Dermatology’s clients are men in their prime, and are passionate about improving the health and function of their skin to enable them to lead better, more fulfilling lives. Dana Point Dermatology men are natural leaders and influencers, seeking an advantage to propel themselves to success in their personal and professional lives.