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The first impression is considered important in both personal and professional arenas. Smooth, blemish free skin conveys an absence of inherited skin disease and creates a favorable first impression. Cumulative exposure to sunlight remains the single largest factor for skin aging. Sun exposure combined with the ravages of time lead to the cutaneous signs of aging.  Over time, skin becomes increasingly drier, thinner, less resilient, and less elastic. As skin loses more and more elasticity, it results in more laxity and wrinkling.

younger skin and aging skin. elastin and collagen. A diagram of younger skin and aging skin showing the decrease in collagen and broken elastin in older skin.

In women, volume loss in all layers of the skin is greatest in the lower one third (from the bottom of the nose down to the tip of the chin) of the face. This leads to deep folds and static wrinkles around the mouth, resulting in marionette lines and pronounced nasolabial folds. In fact, a prominent nasolabial fold is one of the most common features of an aged face. The descendent line at the corner of the mouth in the adult is also a very common sign of facial aging. Volume loss also produces cheek hollowing, particularly in women who have genetically thin lips. Around the age of 40, this lack of volume, combined with hyperpigmented spots and broken blood vessels, contributes to an older appearance of the face.

During a consultation, a thorough assessment and detailed analysis will be conducted to analyze the anatomic components of the aging face. These concerns will then be prioritized, matching the most economical options with the greatest benefit/risk ratio for each treatment.

At Dana Point Dermatology, we use a systematic approach to combat the signs of aging.

A clinician at Dana Point Dermatology will structure a treatment plan that best suits your needs. Usually this involves combining procedures that lead to optimal improvement in one’s appearance. This may include laser therapy, chemical peels, BOTOX®, wrinkle filler treatments or prescription grade topical skin care products.