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Acne scarring is a devastating condition that affects one’s personal and professional life. It results from long standing inflammatory or cystic acne which creates a specific pattern of inflammation causing enough damage to the surrounding skin to produce a permanent fibrotic reaction. This fibrotic reaction can cause two types of acne scars: elevated (hypertrophic or keloidal) or depressed (ice pick or rolling) scars.

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Acne scars are notoriously difficult to treat and should be handled by a dermatologist with expert knowledge of this condition. At Dana Point Dermatology, we use a multi-modality approach using various medical, procedural and minor surgical techniques. We tailor the treatments to a particular client’s skin complexion as well as the type, nature, and severity of the acne scars.

To achieve the best result, there are usually several treatments and procedures required over time, depending on the particular nature of the case. During consultation, we will thoroughly evaluate your specific condition and will recommend the optimal approach to reach your treatment goals.