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The demand for cosmetic procedures by men has increased in recent years. According to 2011 statistics, men underwent almost one million minimally-invasive aesthetic procedures with an 886% increase since 1997. With this trend has come the realization that male aesthetic needs are different than female aesthetic needs. Men’s skin is different than women’s skin; its structure and function is fundamentally unique and requires specialized knowledge and different treatment approaches. One of the most common problems associated with male cosmetic procedures made by clinicians who do not focus exclusively on men is an overly changed or feminized appearance.

Certain aspects of facial aging in men convey an element of strength, power and experience that most men do not wish to completely lose. A dermatologist who does not appreciate this or who is not trained in male techniques will perform procedures that are destined to produce suboptimal outcomes. For example, achieving the chiseled definition of the neck and jawline is crucial in males because it will give the patient a fit, athletic, decisive, and masculine appearance.

At Dana Point Dermatology, our clinicians have expert knowledge of men’s skin that is critical to obtaining a natural male look. We have detailed expertise in facial aesthetics and the aging process in men, as well as the current aesthetic techniques available to help you reach your goals and keep you ahead of the curve. We understand men’s facial aesthetics and have an eye toward anatomic balance. We strive to obtain a natural male look in aesthetic medicine and to achieve the best possible outcomes for our male clients.