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Rhinoplasty in Charlotte

The nose is one of the most prominent and identifiable structures of the face. Rhinoplasty is a procedure to reshape the nose and sometimes to improve nasal function. As a person ages, the nose often becomes longer and the tip of nose frequently begins to droop. Nasal reshaping can restore the more youthful appearance of the nose.

Additionally, some of our patients have specific concerns like a prominent hump (dorsal hump) or a wide nasal tip. Some of the most common complaints also include a wide nose, a boxy nose, a crooked nose, or even just difficulty breathing through one or both sides of the nose.

The center structure within the nose (the septum) may be crooked and this can be straightened with a septoplasty. When surgery is performed to improve your nasal function (improve breathing), your insurance may pay for part or all of the procedure.

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